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Algie-Tiki Decaf

Algie-Tiki Decaf

The decaffeinated version of Tiki Caffe.

Tiki is blended using beans from Honduras, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Guatemala. These origins combine to create great tasting coffee - however you serve it.
A medium bodied coffee with sweet nutty aroma and fragrant notes; sweet caramel balanced with citrus fruit and just a hint of smoke.
Tiki is triple certified - Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance. The Fairtrade Mark guarantees that coffee producers are paid a fair price. The Soil Association guarantee that it's grown organically. And Rainforest Alliance Certification guarantees that natural resources are conserved and wildlife is protected.

We shall have to open and reseal the pack if you wish the coffee to be ground to your requirements.

Net wt: 220g

Price: 6.10

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