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Brodie's Skeachan Cake

Brodie's Skeachan Cake

This twist on a traditional treacle cake recipe from the Scottish Highlands is gathering quite a following, particularly among fans of ginger. We make a rich fruit cake, dense with dried fruits and cherries and add ale, molasses and lots of ginger - including some choice crystallized pieces for the top. Guaranteed to cheer up the gloomiest of days.

PS It's pronounced SKI-CAN.

Ingredients: Mixed Fruits (Sultanas, Raisins, Cherries, Mixed Peel) 44%, Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour Calcium, Iron, Niacin Thiamin), Eggs, Butter (Milk), Brown Sugar, Crushed Ginger, Brandy 4%, Treacle, Beer 3%, Alcohol 2%, Ground Ginger, Mixed Spice, Preservative (Sorbex).

Weight: 315g

Price: 6.05

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