Brodies Teas

The present Brodies Company comprises an amalgamation of Brodie, Melrose and Drysdale, three famous Edinburgh tea and coffee merchants.

Based in Leith, Brodies of Edinburgh specialise in the production of very high quality tea blends and coffee roasts.
The processes are on a small scale, allowing the use of traditional methods that depend on the experience of the staff. The small workforce allows a family atmosphere to exist, resulting in a long serving staff. The experience built up in this way helps the Company to achieve consistency in product quality.

After traditional tasting, Brodies buy and blend all of their own teas, both for their own tea bags and leaf teas.

All Brodie's teas have Tea Council approval

In addition to teas and coffees, Brodies of Edinburgh have been producing high quality chocolates and cakes since 1994 (see the selection in the Scottish Produce Department of this site).

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