Cairn O' Mohr Fruit Wines

Founded in 1987 by Ron and Judith Gillies, Cairn O' Mohr winery is based at the Gillies' farm near Errol in East Perthshire.
They produce a wide range of award winning fruit wines, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and ciders.

Cairn O Mohr fruit wines are all made in the traditional and proper way of fermentation followed by at least a year of maturation., giving the wines smooth well-developed flavours

They started with a core range of five types; Strawberry, Raspberry, Bramble, Elderberry and Oak Leaf, then added the Sparkling Oak & Elder and Strawberry.
A surplus of fruit from local farmers encouraged the development of limited editions blends such as; Clever Currant, Cheery Currant, and Shrubbery.

There are seasonal additions of Raspberry/Strawberry blend, the Berry Up, for the Summer, and in the winter the Mulled Elderberry and Berry Christmas.

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