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Connoisseurs' Choice - Craigellachie - 1997

Connoisseurs' Choice - Craigellachie - 1997

Distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2014 at 46% Vol.

Gordon and MacPhail's own tasting notes:

Nose without Water: Light and fruity with hints of lemon and kiwi. Coconut and toasted malt aromas linger.
Palate without Water: Chilli spice initially developing into raspberries and dark chocolate flavours with a lingering hint of tobacco.
Nose with Water: Sweet and fruity with pineapple, lemon, and apricot jam aromas. A subtle hint of smoke and a vanilla edge develops.
Palate with Water: Chilli spice with fresh fruit flavours of grapefruit and peach. Body Medium.
Finish: Medium with lingering fruit flavours.

Matured in a refill American hogshead refill Bourbon barrels and bottled non- chill filtered and with natural colour.


US regulations regarding the importation of food and drink products prevents us from sending this item to the United States.

Price: 72.26

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