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First Editions - Laphroaig - 2000

First Editions - Laphroaig - 2000

From the Islay Region, this single cask malt whisky was bottled in 2017 aged 16 years.

This is one of 306 bottles from a refill butt and bottled at natural cask strength without chill filtering with no added colour.

What to expect:
Sweet vanilla fudge and pineapple give way to peat, seaweed and iodine. Still sweet on the palate with stewed fruits and shortbread then the peaty seaweed taste washes over. All leading to a long and dry fruity finish with, yet again, more peat.

Bottled at 58.1% Vol


US regulations regarding the importation of food and drink products prevents us from sending this item to the United States.

Price: 155.59

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