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Madderty Micro - Cailleach

Madderty Micro - Cailleach

Cailleach is an ancient Gaelic name for a witch.

The "Alchemists" at Madderty Micro have produced a truly magical potion, starting with the colour, blue in the bottle but mysteriously transforming pink in front of your eyes mirroring the pink heather covered hillsides the Cailleach was said to have formed.
And the next trick? Give the bottle a good shake to reveal her mesmerising shimmer.

What about the flavour? - Ramping up the intensity from the Nudist, they start with a more intense Juniper flavour (using a little more and infuse it longer), followed by a good dose of herbs from Rosemary and Thyme to Green Tea and Rose Petal. The Spice comes from Nutmeg and a variety of citrus zest adds a finishing lightness to the whole affair with the usual suspects and some Pink Grapefruit too.

The result - is a delightful gin to enjoy with a delightful tonic.

Bottled at 37.5% ABV


US regulations regarding the importation of food and drink products prevents us from sending this item to the United States.

Price: 25.00

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