Summer Harvest Oils

Our family has been farming the green hills of the Strathearn Valley Perthshire for over 130 years, the last fifty of them on Ferneyfold Farm just ten miles north of Gleneagles between Perth and Crieff.

Everything we need to make the perfect bottle of Summer Harvest is found on Ferneyfold's 400 acres - we grow all of our own crops, we press all of our oil and we watch every finished bottle leave by the same farm road we use to reach the barns and the fields.

Every bottle of Summer Harvest contains a little bit of Perthshire and a great deal of Ferneyfold love and attention.

From our fields to your kitchen in one year.

August is a busy month at Ferneyfold farm as it is both harvest and planting time. Oilseed Rape takes almost a full year to grow and we watch it slowly rise out of the soil as the Autumn leaves fall to the ground around it. By May the vibrant yellow flowers carpet the fields for a few colourful weeks before dropping away to leave a lovely turquoise landscape.

Once harvested, our oilseed rape is taken to our onsite plant for cold pressing. The seeds are ground down, the oil oozes out and pools in large vats where it is left to settle and any sediment sinks to the bottom. We then filter the oil to remove the sediment and leave it to rest a second time before filtering again. Only then will we bottle our flavoursome, aromatic and nutritional Summer Harvest oil.

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