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The Dundee Gin Company- Classic Dry Gin

The Dundee Gin Company- Classic Dry Gin

Notes from the distiller:

Produced in small batches, our classic dry gin brings together ten key botanicals. Bottled at 46% ABV, the gin is incredibly smooth and versatile.

The ubiquitous juniper is supported with notes of citrus and liquorice, with a wee spicy kick at the end.

Botanicals: Juniper berries from The Balkans; Coriander seeds from Eastern Europe; Cut and dried Angelica root from France/Belgium; Dried Sweet Lemon peels from Spain; Dried Sweet Orange peels from Spain; Liquorice root powder from The Mediterranean; Ground Nutmeg from the West Indies; Cinnamon bark from Madagascar; Orrisroot powder from Italy (Florentine Iris); Cassia bark from China.


US regulations regarding the importation of food and drink products prevents us from sending this item to the United States.

Price: 35.00

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