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Walker's Miniature Gin Infused Fruit Tarts

Walker's Miniature Gin Infused Fruit Tarts

These luxury miniature Gin infused tarts are the perfect treat all year round. Baked in Walkers Highland bakery they are a succulent blend of traditional mincemeat ingredients (sugar, apple, currants, sultanas and candied citrus peels) infused with a nip of Gin in light, melt in your mouth short crust pastry with a crumb topping. These delicious tarts are produced with every care and attention using only the finest ingredients possible to obtain.The perfect treat for any afternoon tea tray or as a petite four after dinner.

Pack dimensions: 198 mm x 135 mm x 35 mm cardboard box containing 6 tarts.

Net Weight. 135g

Price: 2.80

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